If you are reading this, there is a great likelihood that you have spent your life searching for, and, perhaps, even finding your way Home. It has been a long, tedious, often arduous and challenging journey, but you have triumphed and are clearly up to the task of becoming all that you were intended to be. The rewards of the discovery of your potential and true and Higher Self are without limit, without boundary and infinitely valuable. They are the treasure we have innately sought since our inception.We have read, learned and taught to believe and act upon so much misinformation about Life and Death; our purpose for being; our “sins and punishments”; our “duties” and “responsibilities”. Most of what we have learned has not been intentionally misguided or malicious, but, rather conveniently based on myth and storytelling inaccurately passed down from one generation to another.

At the core of virtually all the great world religions are the tenets to live in love and respect for all creation and all living beings. The greater our awareness of and ability to live in accordance with these tenets, the closer we return home to the Source, the Creator of All Life, the Divine Light of Love and Speaker of the “Word”.

We draw ever closer to an understanding of the Source of All Life through our experiences and responses to them on earth. We learn from Nature, one another, our animal brothers and sisters, through love and loss, failure and success, through joy and sorrow. I have observed and written much about the natural world. I am also a grief recovery specialist who has experienced too many profound losses to enumerate here. I have been blessed and privileged to research and study many great spiritual teachings and to learn from many remarkable spiritual teachers – each of whom is, in part, responsible for the understanding, appreciation, love and respect I feel toward the Whole of Life.

It is my hope that the information on this website will be of blessing and benefit to any of you in need of hope, help, encouragement and inspiration– and that it will serve as a gentle reminder of your True and Divine Self, Purpose and Potential…