At Home with Nature


I am most truly myself and at home in the world of nature. The lofty pines, the delicate willows, the humble marigolds, the majestic spruce, the proliferation of wild and brilliantly colored flowers and foliage, the calming waters of the rivers, the sublime mountain tops, the graceful and fluidly flying song birds – each of the creatures that inhabit and roam the wilds – all of these are my most dearly loved friends and family. They represent but a small part of the beauty, peace, grace, joy, spontaneity and nobility the earth offers us. They ask nothing of us, but afford us the opportunity to witness and experience the glory and beauty of life on earth – in all her varied splendor.

I love animals and have loved them dearly for as long as I can remember. Turtles, frogs, rabbits, deer, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, pigeons, robins, mice – it didn’t matter what they were labeled – they were ALIVE and full of Life and Mystery, Elegance, humor and their own unique brand of Beauty. As I grew older, I came to know (or at least meet firsthand) lions, tigers, elephants, pandas, penguins, peacocks, pelicans, dolphins and whales. They were extraordinarily beautiful, communicative, empathetic and related to me and the rest of life on earth.

I have been privileged enough to visit Africa several times. I visited Kenya and Tanzania – the Serengeti and the Masai, Olduvai Gorge, Ngoroncoro Crater, to witness firsthand the Great Migration from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. A fairy tale come true. So many of earth’s most beautiful, majestic and glorious creatures doing what nature requires of them – finding food and water and sanctuary from season to season. It is indeed “the peaceable kingdom” as it has been described by so many.

In their majesty and beauty, dignity and authenticity, they lend and leave their mark on the planet. It is a mark like no other. It is our duty, obligation and responsibility to protect and preserve these glorious creatures and their habitats. Unfortunately, we have ravaged and rampaged their habitats to the destruction of these animals who were here on planet earth long before we appeared to rape and despoil it, to senselessly slaughter and destroy these magnificent creatures and their historical significance for monetary currency is to descend into a selfishness, greed, hellishness and ignorance from which, by now, we should have evolved. How could we be so ensnared by our love of money to imperil the very existence of these creatures?

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