New Beginnings



The end of summer -lazy and lethargic– the beginning of autumn – a renewal of energy and vigor. Actually, fall is my favorite season – as there is a sudden, welcome crispness in the air, the leaves turning into vibrant color, increased activity; the scent of wood burning in fireplaces, children returning to school with new books and school supplies, extracurricular activities on the athletic fields; children playing in the schoolyards…

By fall of 2012, I had sold my “marriage” home and bought another smaller significantly more manageable home with an acre of land for my dogs. The lot was (and is) heavily treed with plenty of shade and protection from the searing and relentless Texas summer heat and sun. Most importantly, I found a home in which I could legally keep my rescue dogs.

I call it my “little house on the prairie” as it is very private and quite secluded offering me the rare and wonderful privilege of spending as much time as I want in solitude and reflection. It is a place of peace and sanctuary, and, for the first time in my life, I have had a taste of freedom, of liberation, an opportunity to live and learn by myself and without anyone else (except my dogs) to be responsible for or subject to their needs, moods, interests and desires.

The past three years have been an extraordinary opportunity to learn about myself and the much larger life of the living, breathing planet upon which we live. To have the luxury to observe and appreciate the world around me (and my role in it); to live mostly uninterrupted by the technological “wonders” with which I had been previously constantly forced to live and which were both irritating and distracting to me. And, yes, I have hugged many of my beautiful trees – even spoken to and sung with them. And when the songbirds join us, it is magical. Nature has helped heal my mind, body and soul, and I am deeply grateful for all that I have endured and experienced.

I highly recommend quality “alone” time to each of you. It needn’t be a long period – just some quality quiet time alone with the “real” you, with your genuine and authentic thoughts and feelings. There is so much for which to be grateful and mindful, and time spent alone affords us the opportunity to energize, revitalize, restore and replenish our hearts, minds and bodies.

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