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I am so delighted to welcome you to my blog, my life, my thoughts, my beliefs, my philosophy and my world. It is an opportunity to share in a way that I’ve never really considered previously, as essentially, I am a very private person. I’ve wanted to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences for a long time, but in the past, have kept them inside of me, written about them in a journal, or shared them, my love, thoughts, beliefs and friendship with only my glorious, unconditionally loving, nonjudgmental and loyal animal companions. In fact, I have had a website called www.animalcompanionsandtheirpeople.com since around 2001. I am regarded as a pet expert and have rescued, rehabilitated and adopted over 46 dogs who were in desperate circumstances and suffering deeply. I am an animal activist and welfare advocate and have volunteered with many animal rescue organizations to save and improve the quality of life for these animals in need. I have been blessed and privileged to live with and come to “know” these remarkable creatures well. I have learned so much from them! They have been my friends, teachers and guides and have taught me many profound life lessons. They have also willingly served as my physical and emotional “healers”.

I have written 7 nonfiction books about animals. The first was called WHEN YOUR PET DIES for children of all ages to help them cope with and recover from the loss of a beloved animal companion. For children, the death of a beloved pet is often the first significant loss a child experiences. For so many people (children as well as adults) it is shameful and embarrassing to discuss the loss of a “mere” pet. “”It’s only a dog,” or “it’s only a cat” many well-intentioned but ignorant people tell us. They simply do not comprehend the enormity or intensity of the relationship we have with our beloved animal companions who are closer, more beloved and dearer than family members to many of us.

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