The Loss of my Oscar Willie Wilde

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I am holding Ollie, while my friend Lou is holding my beloved Oscar.

How can I possibly describe my beautiful and extraordinary red and black Tweenie dachshund, Oscar Willie Wilde, a refugee from the Irving Shelter whose age and background remain a mystery to all who have been blessed enough to know him? He was affectionate and pure love. There was no mystery about him other than WHY he had been surrendered to the Shelter.

He was nothing remarkable in the way of appearance – he looked like your “typical” dachshund – long and short-legged with an innate sense of mischief and a bemused attitude toward people, other dogs and life in general. He took little seriously except what was really important, as when a family member or friend was sick or sad. He had extraordinary empathy.   Insofar as cleverness and empathy, this boy was smarter and more aware than 99% of the people I have known, and he possessed an intuition and “radar” that led him to heal those humans he met that were most in need. He had charisma and magnetism. He was as humble, pure and vulnerable a soul as I have ever known. He was gentle and loving – and loveable…

No words needed to be spoken for Oscar to understand how he might be of help and healing to those in need. He had passed the Canine Good Citizenship test with Flying Colors and was ordained a “complex” healer in the Animal Assisted Therapy Program offered by Pet Partners, an organization dedicated to the further awareness and development of the animal-human bond . The creation of Pet Partners consists of humans and animals who together help promote physical and emotional healing to those who might benefit from such a relationship. Oscar and I visited the elderly and special needs children and adults in hospitals, schools and assisted living centers.

Oscar loved going for rides in the car with his brother, Oliver and me. The saddest ride we ever shared was on Thursday, September 4 when I sat in the car on my way home from the vet beside the urn which contained his cremated ashes. My beloved best friend and companion was “with” me, but not as he had been in the past. No trusting, loving gaze from those beautiful, knowing understanding brown eyes…No gentle grizzled muzzle in the crook of my arm…No small, delicate paw caressing my forearm…

The healing powers of animals have long been studied scientifically. The benefits of having a pet include: reduced heart rate, decreased stress, increased optimism, etc. Oscar offered all these gifts to me and all who knew him. Oscar’s humility and grace and all of his gifts will always be cherished and remembered with profound love and respect.

Thank you, Oscar, for the blessing and privilege of knowing you. You are, and always will be, deeply missed.

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