A Dramatic Turn

My life changed dramatically and abruptly at age 60 when my husband of 39 years and I divorced. What was happening to us and our relationship were incomprehensible to me at the time and unexpected. By this juncture of our lives, we had survived and triumphed over many of life’s losses and travails. We had happily shared our love of nature, the holidays, Broadway musicals, theater, art, music, travel and animals. We had jointly decided to turn our home into a sort of animal sanctuary for the bruised, battered, beaten and abused dogs of the world in need of TLC – offering them a loving, safe and nurturing environment on our two and a half acre property. Our land was fenced in, had a large pond with hundreds of fish and turtles, ducks, frogs, and all kind of birds including my favorite, a blue heron whom I called “Big Bird.” It also had hundreds of trees and flowering shrubs, and was adjacent to a horse farm. It was, as our friends referred to it, “doggie heaven.” Most of my dogs were seniors or had “special needs” and would have had very little chance of being adopted. They were now given not only a second chance, but a rich, love-filled and rewarding life. They were so happy to run and swim and play hide-and-seek, and I derived such joy from seeing their contentment and joy. I considered myself blessed, for each one was so grateful and taught me so many profound life lessons. Each one had his/her own remarkable personality.

At that time, in addition to the time I spent caring for the dogs, I was able to financially afford to pay caregivers to provide them with extra special time and attention. I was trying to make up for all the trauma and abuse they had experienced. In case you’re wondering, I also love cats and virtually every kind of animal, but because of the size (large), difficult backgrounds and age of my dogs, I did not think it was a good idea to introduce cats into our household.

As my ex-husband and I grew increasingly estranged, the dogs and other animals assumed an even greater significance to me. Although I had always been spiritual, the beauty of the animals and the natural world brought seemed even more powerful a force in this phase of my life as the challenges dramatically increased and I was forced to deal with hostility, cruelty and great personal financial loss. My peace came from beauty and the understanding that I was learning and growing spiritually through my pain and anguish.

At the age of 28, I had met and studied with a great teacher – psychic, medium and healer, Katherine Hayward, and the teachings and wisdom she had shared with me during my years of study with her served me well during the five years of divorce proceedings and its ramifications. She had always said, “Let go and let God.” “God is your supply.”

“Be still and know that you are God.” And, one of my favorites, “There are no mistakes. All is as it is meant to be.”

Throughout the saddest, most troubled, most seemingly senseless period of life, I, for the most part, retained my equilibrium anchored to my Father/Mother God. I took, or at least tried to take “the high road” every step of the way, and Katherine and her spiritual teachings were of great comfort, support and solace to me.


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