I believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is Acceptance. In a life full of hurts and disappointments, we should come to recognize and hold with great value and gratitude all the joys and beauties we have experienced.

Acceptance is a discipline. We have to learn to graciously and gratefully accept all that comes our way. There is little reward in worrying or living in fear or anger. But knowing in our heart of hearts that ultimately all is for the best and serves to strengthen us and our faith in the Source of All Life. We can derive so much peace through affirming that we are Divine and that as we think and say aloud, “My Life is Divine Love” and/or “I Am Divine Peace” throughout each day, we begin to feel Love and Peace permeate our minds and bodies and our lives. It matters not what is occurring in your outer life – the goal is Peace and Love in our hearts and minds.

My teacher, Katherine Hayward taught that Life is a school in which people of all levels of spiritual development are put together. Some are in kindergarten; others are in graduate school. Essentially, however, our purposefulness and ultimate significance and spiritual growth is our common goal and destiny.

In order to be truly happy, we begin with loving ourselves and recognizing the Divine

Within us and in all living creatures…

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