Autumn Days

katherine and rose

Autumn always reminds me of my spiritual teacher and mentor, Katherine. We use to drive to Malibu from her home in West Hollywood –traveling through Westwood (UCLA), then Brentwood, then Pacific Palisades on onto Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). The weather was beautiful – actually absolutely perfect; the palm trees swayed but were intact; leaves were falling from some of the other trees, and the scent of Eucalyptus was glorious! You’d just want to inhale as much as you could. It was breathtaking!

The ocean was beautiful and fairly empty as most of the summer tourists had left. It was so refreshing to have so much of the ocean to ourselves. The beach was ours, and we would lay a cloth on the sand, open our basket filled with goodies and have a picnic. Usually we would pick up sandwiches and salad at Chalet Gourmet in West Hollywood or stop at one of the restaurants on the way to buy our luncheon. Every morsel was delectable in such a magnificent setting.

We had our favorite spot near Paradise Cove, where we would conduct our book interviews until the sun went down sometimes. The ocean breezes coupled with the sound of the waves were beautiful and mesmerizing. The sun was never hot or uncomfortable, and we, of course brought our shade umbrellas for protection. Periodically, we would walk on the beach and feel the waves tickling our toes. We felt like children!

Even in her eighties, Katherine was, as she had been most of her life, a walker and enjoyed her daily “constitional”. She had spent years and years meditating and learning the art of breathing and relaxation. She contentedly breathed in the fresh ocean air. Seldom, if ever, do I recall her complaining about any physical limitations other than occasional digestive disorders. But, as she had a healthy mind, she also had a healthy body. She possessed great energy and a positive attitude about virtually everybody and everything.

We spent many a joyous afternoon taking in the beauty around us and working together on a book that we both hoped and prayed would be of great healing, comfort and illumination to its readers…

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