Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

Today was a very difficult and challenging day. I had one appointment or meeting after

another , was feeling stressed about revisions/modifications to my manuscript, concerned

about various business contracts, had health issues, etc.


I always remind myself of the aphorism “All is well”. I transmute the potentially

negatives into positives and optimism. I speak the words aloud, and this is very helpful

to me. I also remind myself that all experiences are opportunities to learn important life

lessons. As we think, we create, and I am focused upon the opportunities to create

beauty, harmony, love, joy and peace. This effort requires mindfulness, purposefulness

and discipline as well as the opportunity to accept responsibility for our thoughts, words

and actions.


Those affirmations such as I Am the Light, I Am Peace, I Am Love when persistently

and consciously said aloud and repeated are very powerful. Sending love, blessings and

healing to those in need is also very rewarding and fulfilling.


My dear friend and spiritual teacher, Katherine Hayward taught me that our thoughts are

very powerful as are our words – that we need to be mindful of their significance and

impact. As we think, we create.


So, as we think and envision a world of peace, so this comes into being. As we think

PEACE in our lives, so, it, too becomes our reality.

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