This is truly a tough one to incorporate into our psyche and behavior. It impacts our view of life, our place in the world, the role(s) we adopt through our lives

Oh, it is easy to feign humility, bot not easy to live with or live by. Humility comes from our essential understanding of our true role in the scheme of things, evolution, the cosmos, and eternal life. How important or significant are we? What is our role – our purpose and significance in the infinite, all-encompassing universe? Why are we here? How can we best serve one another and our beloved Mother Earth?

We are currently witnessing the consequences of our hubris – our sense of self-importance, aggrandizement, personal power. And yet Mother Nature is proving her potency and power, which is far greater and more powerful than our own.

I think it is time to be humble – to respect what merits respect. How many of us pay attention to the health of our creatures and planet? Other peoples and cultures?.

It is time to relinquish our self absorption and to view our roles as responsible, respectful human beings who regard all that is with love, appreciation and respect and to claim responsibility for all the chaos and despair we have helped create and in which we participate. Humility- a true understanding of our value and contribution to the health and well-being of our fellow humans, creatures and planet- helps us have regard for all that is. We are humbled by the small, but significant role we play in the scheme of things,

Think – and act – truly try to comprehend the concept of humility.

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