Sunday Mornings

There is something very special about Sunday mornings – no matter what time of year. It is unusually calm and peaceful. The traffic is much lighter than it is during the week. There is a stillness that allows me to appreciate, refresh and reenergize, that allows me at leisure the preceding future and prepare for the new week. I use my Sunday morning quietude to reflect, contemplate and meditate and to seek Divine Guidance. I ask the Creative Force to help me to be of service – to be of blessing and benefit to the earth, her creatures and her peoples.

When I am able, I love to attend services at Unity Spiritual Center of Denton County. They are ALWAYS uplifting and beautiful and foster love and goodwill to people everywhere. We meditate and work to promote peace and healing to the earth and all of her creatures.

Katherine, my beloved spiritual teacher taught that our thoughts are very powerful, and that group thought and prayer by people all over the world can ultimately, particularly as the number of these peace groups increases, can turn chaos into order and conflict into peace. Observe your thoughts – are they negative, destructive? How about your words –
do they convey kindness and compassion? Be mindful of your thoughts and words. They can be helpful or harmful to your life and the lives of others– your choice!

Katherine held meetings on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM which were open to the pubic. They were compelling, beautiful and inspirational. At some point, we always sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth”. And so, the Sundays I attended these meetings were uplifting and unforgettable.

My new book Katherine: A Woman of Vision, a biography about my spiritual teacher and guide Katherine Hayward, has been published! You can purchase the book here or check out the Facebook page for more information. 

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