The Fine Art of Having “Fun”

Having “fun” may not be as easy as you might think. It requires just the right number and variety of ingredients – a fine mix of humor, amusement, laughter, pleasure (emotional and/or physical) engaging in an activity that makes you happy, optimistic, and hopeful, a winning combination of time, place and the compatibility and companionship of someone with whom to share this “fun.” Spontaneity can be a key ingredient; sometimes it is strategic planning that results in the fun or joy we experience. Almost always it affords us a means of, at least temporarily, escaping from the tedium, drudgery and responsibilities so many of us associate with “the daily grind.” Fun comes in many different ways, and we all need a hefty dose of it now and then.

But while we may have “fun” for a short while, it is our on-going attitude of joyfulness and gratitude that in the long run serve us best. Expanding both our inner and outer resources and finding beauty, joy meaning and opportunity in each and every situation in which we find ourselves, being consciously and purposefully “mindful” of the blessings that are to be found virtually everywhere in our daily lives, simply having the ability to breathe in and out and to find a place of peace within ourselves from which we can radiate it to our planet, peoples and creatures everywhere enables us to experience more joy and gratification than we can possibly imagine.

As we think peace and joy, so, in time, they become our lifelong companions, and we are ready to experience the ephemeral and fleeting “fun” whenever we wish to do so.

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