A Life Worth Living

The holidays are a time to celebrate life with all its bounty and beauty; its intricacy and complexity; its extraordinary diversity and divine unity. A time to spend with those we love and treasure . A time to pause and truly appreciate our friends and families, our homes and country- our planet.

Every single event that takes place in our lives; everyone with whom we come into contact has meaning and purpose. Through them we learn and grow and become greater, wiser and stronger regardless of how unpleasant, inconvenient or challenging the experience.

Through our experiences, we learn patience, tolerance, forbearance, courage, kindness and compassion. Through triumph and defeat we learn grace and stoicism. Through sorrow and joy, we acquire more depth and dimension. Through many trials and tribulations we acquire an inner peace and equilibrium – a balance that enables us to live in greater harmony and accord with others and, eventually with the whole of life. Ultimately, we learn to love and respect one another and all living creatures and to cherish Mother Earth from whom we receive food, water and air – everything we need in order to survive.

The angels seem to draw ever nearer to us at this sacred time of year commemorating the birth of the great teacher, Jesus Christ. They were with him then as they are with us now. Each of us, regardless of how dark and hopeless our lives may appear, is accompanied by angels who continually and faithfully serve to guide, inspire and protect us. Close your eyes, take several deep breaths and feel their beautiful influence and presence in your life.

During this time of merriment and “busyness”, take time to celebrate the true meaning and significance of the Christed One Who lives on in our hearts and minds to inspire and guide us through our journey on the earth plane. He is the shining, radiant example of our own spiritual nature and the great ones we are destined to become. He is the essence and example of our divine destinies.

Be thankful – and respectful – of ourselves and one another. Our destiny is one and the same…

Merry Christmas to all…Love & Peace to each of you everywhere…

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