A Time for Gratitude

I attended a service at Unity Spiritual Center of Denton yesterday and am always grateful to participate – especially during a time of such great global turmoil and upheaval. ISIS terrorists attacked Paris this past, November Friday evening.. The world seems topsy-turvy, yet we are being drawn together to help one another.

The congregants of Unity are so warm and welcoming – and nonjudgmental (truly a rarity!). Reverend Ellen Davis guided our meditation and then talked about how important it is be thankful even during very difficult and challenging times. She then described all that she had to be thankful for while her husband, Dean was dying and she had to make the funeral arrangements, fill out necessary forms, pay the required fees, engage in conversation with well-intentioned friends and family members – all during this great period of great grief and personal loss.

Reverend Ellen then shared how each day she literally kept a written account of the blessings that occurred each day – each positive aspect of the day. She was grateful for all that God had given her as well as for what He/She had seemingly taken away. She knew that she had the strength and guidance, stamina and fortitude and power of thought to overcome the challenges she faced. And, of course, in time, with healing and prayer, she did emerge victorious from this tragedy.

I find that so many of us seldom feel and/or express our gratitude for all we are and have. We tend to take everything for granted, as though we were simply “entitled” to all that we have and are. We are not entitled. We are given “gifts” and “blessings”, and it is important for us to recognize them and view them in this way.

At other times we view our world through lenses of gloom and doom. There is so much violence, catastrophe, ill-will, conflict that we become pessimistic, even hopeless. We withhold our gratitude until “something that we believe to be wonderful” happens to us- until we become rich or famous or powerful. On the contrary, we must remain ever-grateful and mindful of the simplest of gifts we have and share.

An attitude of gratitude serves us all very well. The more we are grateful for, the more we are given to be grateful for. Like attracts like. As we think, we create and become. As we are grateful, more that we have to be grateful for appears in our lives. And we are thankful…ever more thankful…

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