Another Day

Sometimes it seems difficult to distinguish or differentiate between one day and another. We live in a routinized world where our daily duties become our daily habits and our roles assume a familiarity which may result in our longing, our yearning for something new, exciting, exhilarating, or at best, stimulating in our lives. We wait with eager anticipation for al the promises and dreams we hope for and anticipate to come to fruition.

We long to be so much more than we are, for our lives to be greater and more fulfilling. We want to be of service to God, our country and our world. Yet we are not certain as to how to proceed. Inwardly we suspect that we are far greater, far wiser and more gifted than we think. Explore the possibilities and envision yourselves affecting and impacting peoples’ lives and our world in a very positive way, as though we are agents whose agenda is to create a world of peace and harmony and to feel and send forth Light/Love to all who exist.

We can meditate and pray and seek guidance as to how to serve our brothers and sisters (human and animal), our planet and the whole of Life. We can humbly ask of our Creator to be of service to Him/Her and to bless and benefit all life.

We must learn to prioritize and determine what is of most importance to the greatest numbers of people and creatures, what matters most in determining the fate of our home, Mother Earth. We can express our gratitude for all that is and strive to bless and benefit one another and all creation… ANOTHER DAY

My new book Katherine: A Woman of Vision, a biography about my spiritual teacher and guide Katherine Hayward, has been published! You can purchase the book here or check out the Facebook page for more information. 

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