Compassion is one of the greatest blessings and gifts we have to share with others. Through empathy, we relate to others who are experiencing pain, sorrow or challenge. We somehow understand their hurt, disappointment, sadness and grief. We can relate to them and remain nonjudgmental. Although we cannot literally “walk in their shoes”, we can accept and help bless and heal them and hopefully, provide friendship, support and guidance.

We are all brothers and sisters seeking greater spiritual knowledge and illumination. If we are able to help one another, it is a great gift and blessing to provide much-needed service and help.

We are fellow human beings who seek friendship and guidance from one another. It is a privilege to serve our brothers and sisters and to love, rather than “judge” them. As Pope Francis recently commented “Who am I to judge another?” One can seldom, if ever, know the hearts, souls and experiences of another.

We have the ability, certainly, the potential, to help and be of service to one another. To love and respect each other, all living creatures and our planet and to live in constant and deliberate gratitude are among the greatest privileges and gifts we can give to the Source of All Life, our Creator.

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