Expect the Unexpected

“Live in the moment” is advice we often receive. But what does this truly signify

We are advised to take Life “one day at a time”. The same concept applies to both statements. Do not fear the future or live in and/or regret the past. Yes, nearly all of us have made so-called “mistakes” or decisions that would ultimately affect or impact our lives and/or the lives of others. Ultimately, however, all of us make “mistakes”. However, I believe that we are always doing the best we can. If we had known any better, we might have behaved or reacted differently. Hindsight, they say, is 20/20.

And as for the future, our lives seldom express or manifest what we thought or believed would occur. We are jolted from complacency into circumstances we may never have anticipated, envisioned or imagined but through which we learn powerful and invaluable life lessons.

We are reminded that what matters is the Present, the “here and now”, as we respond, react and act upon our present circumstances. It is important to react to outer circumstances and events with equanimity, poise and with grace. It is so often our acceptance and gratitude with which we accept our circumstances that is of greatest significance to our spiritual growth and evolution. Above all, it is LOVE which is our greatest gift to others, creatures and our planet.

We grow through our life experiences and our reactions to them. We must learn to refrain from judgment of others and to accept them for the students of Life they (and we) truly are.

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