In God’s Time, Not Mine

For many years, I have received these words of wisdom from many different sources. In theory, I acknowledged that they made a lot of sense. In practice, not so much! I was far too ambitious and impatient to wait for “God’s time”. I was determined to succeed in spite of God’s slow response to help me actualize my desires. I was working so very hard to achieve my goals, it wasn’t “fair” that I had to wait…and wait…and wait. What was the holdup? I thought I was doing everything correctly in accordance with Divine Law. Why the betrayal? Why not the achievement of my heartfelt goals which I fully intended to use to benefit others and the planet?

There are some lessons that are very difficult to process and accept. It is far better to acknowledge that God knows and guides us along our path to spiritual growth and illumination and that we are given the precise lessons that we need to learn. Darn it! Why must God seemingly interfere with our goals and aspirations – our dreams?

While we are waiting for our plans to actualize and our dreams to come to fruition, we may learn so much about life and ourselves. We may learn to acquire patience, acceptance, forbearance, fortitude, stamina, staying-power, and the ways of the cosmos and evolution. Each day, we have the potential to grow, evolve, benefit and bless others. We evolve in accordance with God’s time, not ours. Embrace this Truth.

My next book Katherine: A Woman of Vision, a biography about my spiritual teacher and guide Katherine Hayward, will be released soon! Check out the Facebook page for more information. 

One thought on “In God’s Time, Not Mine

  1. Hello, Diane —
    I’m writing to ask if it is possible to get an inscription for your book “Katherine?”
    The reason I ask is I find an inscription from the Author to be so meaningful and that it really adds to my experience.
    I wonder if perhaps:
    – I could purchase a copy directly from you, or
    – I could send you a copy from Amazon with Return postage, or
    – you could write something on a piece of paper that I could add to my book?
    Since reading the excerpt on Amazon today, I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with Katherine through your experience and learning a lot about the Spiritual beliefs she was so sure of.
    When I read your biographical material online, I was struck by some things we have in common. I’m a dog-lover too, have lived in Michigan, NY and California, and was stunned by the abrupt ending of a long-term marriage. In fact, my dog Ginger was instrumental in bringing my attention to the desktop with the correspondence that indicated…the beginning of the end.
    During the Trying Times I consulted an Animal Communicator. Among other things, I asked if Ginger was aware it was due to her that I learned about Bob’s affair. Ginger answered: “His heart has been far away from us for a long time.” And the words so struck me – no anger, no judgment. A simple statement that expressed it all so well, so completely, and sounded just like something Ginger would say!
    I always say “Hello” to my neighbors’ pets now, and call them by name. And guess what – I get a positive response, even from the cat!
    Well, thank you for listening and for understanding and for considering my request.
    Very best wishes to you and your loved ones, Pat
    In case it’s convenient for you, I’ll include my address:
    Patricia Silva, 1029 N Main St #27, Jackson, CA 95642-9587

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