Living Without Fear

So many people all over the world have been terrorized and terrified by violence, conflict, disease, war, dire poverty, and natural disasters or other catastrophes. How are we able to live in such chaos without fear? How can we survive? How do we comfort ourselves? What can we tell our children? Is there an explanation for so much despair? Is there hope to which we can cling

We do our best to adhere to our daily routines and fulfill our obligations and responsibilities, and yet we are victimized in our own homes, suburbs and cities without warning. How can we avert disaster, bloodshed, loss of life and loved ones?

Before the advent of social media, violence and terror were relegated to certain peoples and parts of the globe. We may have received word about them, but we certainly never graphically witnessed these atrocities or those committing them. Today, we are privy to visual images and actual events as they occur. These are often extremely traumatic. And as far as loss, we experience grief over the loss of the innocent victims of war and disaster .We empathize with their loss.

It is obvious that we are not alone – not immune to the same terror and violence our cousins oversees experience. Rather, we are all deeply interconnected, and that what happens in one part of the world clearly impacts all of us in every part of the world.

I think part of the resolution to our fears is to understand – truly understand – that loss is inevitable and that grief plays a significant role in all of our lives. It would make all the difference in our worlds, in our lives, are if we, as children, are taught that loss is inevitable and are socialized as to how to cope with and recover from loss of any kind, it would be enormously beneficial to us as individuals and society as a whole. Loss manifests in many different forms –loss of a spouse, loss of a child, loss of a pet, loss of finances, loss of health, loss of trust in God or the government and so forth. It becomes imperative to familiarize ourselves with grief and its symptoms and manifestations. It is important to understand that grief is the normal, natural and healthy response to loss.

We lose, but we also gain. Through loss, we acquire greater depth and understanding and deeper wisdom. Ultimately, we learn that there is no death, that life on earth is a school in which we learn to evolve spiritually, that we are immortal and that there is no death. And that in true love, there is no separation.

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