One Day at a Time

It has become a cliché, but it makes so much sense to take life one day at a time. To live life in the present moment. To be mindful, aware and PRESENT. You don’t want to miss any of the neverending gift each and every moment presents. Sure, you may be angry, insulted, disappointed, disgusted and upset by people and events. But you may ultimately also feel beauty, harmony and gratitude. Be mindful of the many dimensions and consequences of your actions and those of others. Try to see the BIG PICTURE! What can you/what have you learned about Life, yourself and others? Humanity? Take a deep breath and CHOOSE your response to life’s occurrences. GIVE EVENTS your thoughtfulness and THOUGHTFUL response. Don’t jump to conclusions. Assess the value of the experience – its significance to your life, your family, friends and acquaintances and its contribution to what you and they may learn from it.

Can you feel gratitude for the opportunity to meet or learn something about a person you now know that you never knew or realized before? How similar we all are and how much we have in common! Joy, exuberance, sadness, disappointment, success or failure.- we share and experience them all.

Expand your thoughts to their fullness, for through them, you will make some remarkable discoveries – that we are all connected and as one. We are here to grow, expand in knowledge and spirituality and to share our expanded selves with others and the world as a whole… We are contributors to our world and co-creators of the world as we now know it as well as its future!

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