Time to Honor Our Vets

How often do we give thought and express our thanks to the heroes and heroines who have sacrificed everything they have and desire to protect our rights and insure our freedom and liberty? Those who transmit and send the messages of liberty and freedom to people and cultures all over the world? No number of holidays, celebrations and awards can truly convey our gratitude to the courageous souls that have volunteered to protect and serve us all over the world.,

We are a proud people and justifiably so, Yet we carry the responsibility of sharing our understanding of human rights everywhere. It is our duty and obligation. In our heart of hearts, we know that all people are created equal, that all people regardless of race, color, and cultural heritage deserve to be free, educated and respected. There is nothing so important as to distract or deflect, dissolve or prevent us from achieving our human rights.

We take this opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all those who love, respect our country and its values and desire to share our blessed freedom.

Bless our veterans and all those who have and continue to sacrifice their lives on our behalf. Please keep them safe and sound. They are our treasured and revered brothers and sisters…

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